What's in my shopping bag

What’s in my shopping bag? #1


Today I’m writing about four gifts that I bought for myself (because we need to spoil ourselves). Three of those things were shopped at Primark and the other one at the Disney store.

The first thing is the journal with the title “Part Mermaid Part Unicorn… Therefore Completely Awesome” and I could’t agree more. It’s really beautiful to look at, which was the reason I had to buy it in the first place. It has stars in it over some shades of pink and purple background with clouds. You don’t know this yet but I have a huge problem! I’m a “shopaholic” when comes to school supplies. I’m that kind of person who constantly buys journals and write nothing on them. Literally nothing. They can be empty for years. This often happens because I lack the ideas of what I should write, draw or anything at all and I fear if I do something in it, I’ll end up regretting… Please, if you’re reading this, leave me some ideas for my journal and maybe I’ll make a post about those ideas and actually do something usual with what I buy.


Besides being this beautiful it also has shells in the end of every sheet. The price was appealing to my eyes and wallet. I bought it for 1.50€ because it was on sales. The real cost was around 3€, if I’m not mistaken. I can say that this item isn’t disappointing at all and truly handy and cheap for someone who really likes to write or simply to take notes.



The second item, from the same store, is a picture frame with a totally fabulous unicorn in it. Oh, yeah! You read it right. It has the similar colors as the journal also with similar quotes that involves the mention of unicorns the frame as the saying: “Roll me in fairydust and call my a unicorn”. How could I not buy this?  It was also on sales and it was so cheap I almost bought all of them, but let’s be honest here, why did I needed that much? I ended up only buying one for 0,50€! I think I regret saying it was cheap because it was almost for free. It’s original price was around 2,50€.



The last item from Primark is this “sensational” PS… Matte Collection: a Lip Kit with a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner. It’s being a huge success because it was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s lip kit but much cheaper (4€). If it’s good or bad I’ll leave it for another post.


Last but not least, this item as I mentioned above was bought at Disney Store. For only 3€, also in sales, I’m sorry peps! But it’s the month of sales and I need to make the full out of it. As I was saying, it was cheap and it’s a note cube (once again you can see my “shopaholic problem” for school supplies in action). It’s really similar to post-its but without the sticky part behind each note (sadly disappointing) however I still love the design of it. It’s inspired in the last Alice in Wonderland’s movie: Alice through the looking glass. The most enjoying thing about it is the Cheshire cat on each side of the note cute and in each note there’s a saying and a cut shaped cat in it. I only knew about it after I bought it so it was incredibly surprising to see something like that.











These are the items that I bought, hope you like them because I’m sure I do.

See you in the next post.




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