Day 7: What were your favorite childhood toys?

Hello, readers!

Writing this post is making me so nostalgic! I really enjoyed my childhood, I think I have a nice one. For the fact that I can’t go to the attic to pick up all of my toys,it was easier to search on the internet all the similar pictures I could find.

I am starting with Pinypon and to be honest I don’t quite remember if this was the exact Pinypon Farm that I received as a Christmas’ gift from “Santa”. I do remember that on one side of the house was a farm and in the other was kind of some type of restaurant. Years after, which I mean now, I realized that this looked like McDonald’s, on the restaurant side, so it all made sense. Farm, cows, chickens = McDonald’s, Burger King, Hamburgers… I was so innocent back then…


Secondly, the twin telephones wired allowed me to communicate with my cousin inside the house, in different divisions of it. This was the most awesome thing I have ever had in my hands. Years ago, cellphones were still not quite affordable for everyone nor that popular, but these phones were legit. Every time someone dialed a random number, the other phone would ring. Not to mention that I could easily hear the person on the other side, which by the time was like magic to me.



Third, my first ever son. Yes, I’m talking about the tamagotchi! I was really a bad “mother” at that time, not that I’m good now, but I can’t tell because I have no kids, ahah. I would feed, play and clean the tamagotchi all day but, at night, when I wanted to sleep, I just would put it inside of the wardrobe because it was annoying. In the morning it was dead.



Last but not least, the LEGO. It hurt so much to step on it but it was really so entertaining to play with.



There were a lot of toys that I used to play with but these ones I mentioned were the ones that definitely marked my childhood. This is all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Leave a comment telling me what were your favorite toys!


See you in the next post!




12 thoughts on “Day 7: What were your favorite childhood toys?

  1. What a lovely post! I actually made my dad to go work with my tamagotchi so he could feed and take care of it whilst I was at school! I loved lego as well. I also remember those gooey aliens that could have kids, sea monkeys, diva starz (kind of like Bratz dolls) and polly pockets. x

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