Let's talk about college

Let’s talk about college: Tuesday

September 19th, 2017

Hello, wonderful readers!

Here I am with another post about College, if you missed out the other one, here it is.

Tuesday was a really nice day. Today I’ve woke up at 9:30 am, it was so cold I didn’t want to leave my bed, but to be honest when do I ever want to leave my bed? I went to the shower as fast as I could so I could turn on the hot water. After that I got dressed after checking, million of times, how the weather was. In the morning was very fogy and I thought it would actually rain but no. The sun came around 10 or 11 in the morning.
I stayed at the computer, watching Rick and Morty, until almost midday, I was waiting for my father to pick me up and go to my grandma for lunch. After lunch I went to the cafe until it was time to go to the subway to meet up with my friends.


DSC05114 (2)

I was a bit uneven if I should or should not get myself into a dress because of the weather. It turned out sunny and a bit hot, so it wasn’t a mistake. This is an A-line dress, really comfortable, with autumn vibes. I paired it with my black sneakers and my black jacket.


I am wearing makeup but this picture whas taken at the end of the day so it’s barely there. I only fixed my eyebrows a little bit, used some pink eye shadow (barely notices it), some mascara and pink lipstick.



I decided to take my Academic Folder since I only had one class today. It’s very handy (no pun intended).


As you can see, I have the same things that I had yesterday. I brought my notebook, only one pen, my wallet, medication, my journal and a fin coat, in case of getting too cold.


So today’s class was called “Economic and Social History in the Modern and Contemporary Periods”. It was only an introduction class. The teacher asked us to each one of us to introduce ourselves by saying our name, where we live, if we had history in the secondary school and which was our course. Mainly were from History, obviously, but there were a few people from International Relations.

Nothing much had happened after that.  In the moment class was over, I went to the library with a friend to pick another book. Below, as you can see, Luna decided to appear in the pictures.


The book belongs to René Rémond and if I’m not mistaken the book is originally french, but I got it on Portuguese. In English the title is: Introduction to History of our time.



Story time

I was at the subway with two friends of mine and we were heading home. Strange things always happens in the subway and for today it’s something I’ve never seen before. There was this man that was getting out of the subway and he passed by me and his pants were way down his hip. He didn’t care that his pants were falling! A friend of mine actually said that he wasn’t wearing underwear, which I have no idea because I didn’t look that much. After he left, there was this awful smell… I’m not making fun of this person, clearly he wasn’t in his best state of mind… But it’s awful to watch.

I don’t think I’ve done anything more interesting for the day. I got home, had dinner, wrote this post.

I hope you are enjoying reading this because I’m enjoying writing it. I hope you continue to read for the rest of the week because I will only stop on Friday!

Thank you for reading and….

See you in the next post.

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