Let's talk about college

Let’s talk about college: Thursday

September 21st, 2017

Hello, wonderful readers!

Today I have woke at 10 am and I still was so sleepy. I’ve been sleepy all day, to be fair. I don’t know why but some days I just wake up tired. I clearly can say I was feeling like Gudetama (if you don’t now what it is, check this link).





DSC05151 (2)


Funny thing about today is that I dressed some black jeans, a shirt, my white sneakers and a striped rain coat. The fun part is it was suppose to be raining ALL DAY. But it didn’t. Not even one drop of water. It was hot and a clear sky. I was mad because I was actually excited to see rain because of my new rain coat.




Since my outfit was so black and white, I decided to add some color to it. I really love this backpack, It storage everything I need so well.




Today I had two classes (again). The names were Economic and Social History in the Modern and Contemporary Periods and Modern and Contemporary History of Portugal I. I met a new teacher and I guess I’m being very lucky this year. So far everyone is so nice and actually cares about the students.


Nothing extraordinary happened today. My cat is “hugging” me while I’m writing this which is so nice to feel this loved. Especially by cats. Also I think I’m going to watch some Rick and Morty before going to sleep.

I should make an announcement that tomorrow is the last day of this series. Incredible how this week is flying. Probably tomorrow I won’t be able to post because I’ll be at college all day and I have a soccer game to watch at night. Do not worry, Saturday I will post it. Also, I still have an Blog Award to write about so I’ll try my best to post on Saturday or Sunday.

Thank you for still reading this, I really appreciate how nice you all are.


Thank you for reading and….

See you in the next post.

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12 thoughts on “Let’s talk about college: Thursday

  1. Aww I love your new rain coat! Sorry it didn’t rain for you, haha. The little guy at the beginning of the post is adorable, by the way, lol!! So glad your new teacher is a good one! I can’t wait to read the last post in this little series. Also, hope you enjoy the soccer game!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your raincoat even if it didn’t rain! It’s so cute. 😍 And I love being hugged by my cats, too..so sweet! Hope you get to catch up on some sleep soon so you won’t be so tired! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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