Let's talk about college

Let’s talk about college: Friday

September 22nd, 2017

Hello, wonderful readers!

Yes, I know it’s not Friday anymore but if you read my last post, I told I wasn’t going to be able to post. Friday was the busiest day for me, besides college, I needed to go to a soccer match. Also, I’m sick now.

I woke up at 6 in the morning with the best possible mood I could ever been in. It was Friday so YEY! Another day, same routine. Shower, dress up, eat breakfast, take the bus, then the subway, get to college, have class.



This is a bit different from how I usually take the photos, but I wasn’t going to dress on purpose just to take a picture (I’m that lazy). Since it was Friday and a full day of classes, I decided to wear a comforting outfit, a pair of leggings and a off-shoulder shirt.




I’m so glad I took this bag with me because I had a lot of books to return the library, and bring others, at the end of the day.


Close view of my favorite pin! This is from an anime called Yuri on Ice!!. One of my favorite animes ever. The character you see in the pin is called Victor and he is so handsome.


Every book you see on the picture, I took them from the library. There is a huge and heavy one that always makes my arm hurt.




Last day of the first week of back to college. I was totally devastated, I felt bad with myself because I couldn’t choose a topic, I wanted, to study for my seminar (that is a final work of my course in order for me to graduate). It was our first ever class and I felt so nervous I could barely eat. I felt sad, like crying because I felted so much pressure. I didn’t let my friends know about that though. I toughen up and hang on. I decided that I shouldn’t be sad because it’s no big deal, teachers will help me with my work.

I have to say that I have wonderful friends with me. Of all my whole class I really get along with two people. One girl and one boy. They make my day so much better and sometimes we don’t sit together because if you get late to class you usually sit in the back so you don’t make that much of a noise. But I usually look at  the end of class just to make funny faces to them.



Also what happened on Friday is that I made a new colleague. She is from Spain and she is taking the same classes that I am. I spend almost all day with her trying to help her with the assignments and to know more people. She was really a sweet girl and I hope Monday I get to see her again.

At the end of the day I went with my boyfriend and my dad to a soccer game. Our team, FC Porto played against Portimonense, the result was 5 to 2. We won!


This has come to an end. The “Let’s talk about College” series is over, at least for now. I would really would like to know what you thought about this series and if you ever want to read it one day again. I surely had fun with this. Thank you so much for reading it!


Thank you for reading and….

See you in the next post.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about college: Friday

  1. Aw this was such a great series! I’d love to see you do a second one sometime 🙂 xx Congrats on your team winning! I’m sorry that you felt stressed, glad you have some friends that support you.

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