Nails: Before and After #2

Hello, wonderful readers!

The feedback from the last and first post about my nails was really good so, here I am again with my new nails.  In case you forgot how my nails used to be, worry not, I always post before and after pictures.

  • Before:


This is the only picture that I have up close to my nails because, dummy as I am, I forgot to take pictures before changing them. I used to have a nude, which I was obsessed at all theses weeks. I think I’ve regretted the new color already because I’m still so used to light colors.

  • After:


I was already in Autumn mood long before it was even fall season. What’s better than having autumn vibes plus cute burgundy nails?

The transition from nude to burgundy was a quite shock, it’s not the first time I have this color but having it after such light one was difficult to get used at. For some reason I like to have something on my hand while I show/take pictures to my nails. Since I had a seashell around, I picked it up.


What do you think of my new color? I would like to know and also tell me what are your favorite nail colors for Fall.

Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!


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