Let's talk about college

Let’s talk about college: Inspirational frames

Hello, wonderful readers!

Welcome back to “Let’s talk about college” and for today I bring you a really short post about some frames hanged in my college’s library.

We have what’s called “American Corner” which is basically individual study rooms for Erasmus’ students. I used that room a lot because I love being there.

Fun fact: My library has six floors.









These were the only ones I was able to take pictures but if I ever take more I’ll just update or do a part 2 post.

Which quote is your favorite?

Sem Título

Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!


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20 thoughts on “Let’s talk about college: Inspirational frames

  1. I couldn’t choose between them! I love these sort of quotes, especially when done in a watercolor setting. Plop it in a frame, stick a nail to the wall and it looks sooo good xD

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