This week’s pictures

How you doing?

In advance I want to apologize for the bad quality but these pictures were taken with a phone and the lightning was not good at all.

I plan to weekly share with you pictures that I’ve taken, in case I have some to share. The following pictures are actually from last week at my cousin’s fake birthday party for friends (he had the real one on his actual birth day with family). What was cool about it is that carnival was in the same week as the party so we decided to dress up. I decided to use one of my cosplays and since my cousin loves Super Mario – as I do – I decided to dress up in a female version. For the other costumes, my cousin was dressed up as a ninja, my aunt as a witch and my uncle as Mexican – all he had was a poncho and a sombrero. One of the most original’s costume was this boy who was dressed up as a tree. He had leaves all over him and on top of his hat he had some branches with fake birds, that actually made noise. I didn’t took a picture because it was a seven year old kid (yeah, my cousin is also seven) and I wouldn’t post a picture here of him because, you know, he’s a kid. Here you have a picture of my outfit and also the sombrero. I asked for a full body picture but for some reason I got this. For my knees I had white knee socks and I had red converse. It was a really fun party, it had serpentines all over the house and balloons. It was messy but worthy. I really wanted to share this quick post with all of you. Hope you enjoy the pictures (once again, sorry for the quality) and I promise good quality in future posts.

Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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