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To-Do List: April 2018

How you doing?

New month, new goals – well kind of. Time is flying by so fast that it’s almost scary. Below I leave my March’s to-do list with the accomplishments I’ve made.

To-Do List: March 2018

  • Finish reading Reality Boy by A.S.King
  • Start reading a new book
  • Watch more Pixar/Disney movies
  • Finish watching Black Mirror
  • Post at least two times a week
  • Trying the get out of the house at the weekends (If rain allows me to)
  • Find amazing new posts’ ideas
  • Read more posts
  • Do not forget to drink water
  • Stay more focused in College

I did a good job but I didn’t complete everything I wanted to do last month. The goal is to complete everything in my list and I hope I do.

To-Do List: April 2018

  • Finish reading Viagens na Minha Terra by Almeida Garrett
  • Start reading another book
  • Watch Seinfeld’s season 3
  • Study (and go well) on my exam
  • Enjoy the most out of this month with my friends
  • Get together with old friends
  • Focus 100% on studies
  • Read posts
  • Find new posts’ ideas
  • Write more posts
  • Finish Black Mirror
  • Watch more Disney/Pixar movies
  • Find the perfect birthday gift for my boyfriend

So what are your goals for April? Leave a comment bellow!

Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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21 thoughts on “To-Do List: April 2018

  1. I started watching Black Mirror and I absolutely love it, but I had to stop watching it for a bit… It was giving me the weirdest dreams/nightmares. I’ve since moved on to The Office (which I love) until I’m ready to revisit Black Mirror. Good luck with your goals!

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    1. Black mirror made me realized the virtual reality might not be as positive as I thought it could be.
      I love The Office! I’m re-watching, can’t get enough!!
      Thank you so much πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my god you just reminded me that I have to watch Black Mirror! I have only seen one episode of the new season so far. I like your method of crossing off everything you achieved the month prior and setting new goals for the month ahead. It makes for a nice overview!

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