Favorite quotes from Thanks for the memories by Cecelia Ahern

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qI own 3 books written by Cecelia Ahern and I read them  immediately. There’s something special about her writing that makes me want to read nonstop. For today’s post I’ll be sharing my favorite quotes from Thanks for the memories.


~Favorite quotes~

“Rushing, rushing, rushing. We are always rushing.”


“I’ve increasingly found that people never truly tire of playing games and dressing up, no matter how many years pass. Our lies now are just more sophisticated; our words to deceive, more eloquent. From cowboys and Indians, doctors and nurses, to husband and wife, we’ve never stopped pretending.”


“You can’t know everything by looking at me. You can never know by looking at someone.”


“It’s funny how people mark their lives, the benchmarks they choose to decide when a moment is more of a moment than any other. For life is made of them.”


“He liked to remind of himself that his entire world hadn’t fallen apart. Sometimes we need all the glue we can get, just hold ourselves together.”


“What is it with you young people these days, breaking up and remarrying all the time? What happened to keeping promises?”


“Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim?” (Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you)


“And everyday, I miss her more than I did the day before.”


“It’s like my garden, love. Everything grows. Including love. And with that growing everyday how can you expect missing her to ever fade away? Everything builds, including our ability to cope with it. That’s how we keep going.”


“It’s during troubled times like these that people see straight, though others watch with concern and try to convince them that they can’t. Weighted minds are just so because of their new thoughts. When those who have passed through their troubles and come out the other side suddenly embrace their new beliefs wholeheartedly, it is viewed with cynicism by others. Why?  Because when you’re in trouble you look harder for answers than those who aren’t, and it’s those answers that help you through.”


“Day-to-day things, the ordinary, the mundane is what keeps the motor running. How extraordinary the ordinary really is, a tool we all use to keep going, a template for sanity.”

This is all I have for today, I hope you enjoyed the quotes as much as I did.

Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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34 thoughts on “Favorite quotes from Thanks for the memories by Cecelia Ahern

  1. I’ve only read a couple of books by Cecelia Ahern but my Mom loves her novels and I definitely enjoyed the ones I read. I’d definitely recommend ‘How To Fall In Love’ that’s my favourite one by her, I love the quotes you picked especially the one about benchmarks, you’ve made me want to read this book now!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is such a good writer! I actually have that book in my list and since I have so many from her to buy, maybe I’ll buy that one first. Thank you for recommending it.
      Great book, should take a look! 🙂
      Thank you so much!!


    1. Sadly most of the times people only know the movie “PS. I Love You” but the book is written by Cecelia Ahern.
      Thank you for reading!


      1. Yeah, most people don’t and that’s OK. It happens. I actually don’t like the movie because it’s not true to the book and I’ve seen the movie first


    1. If you are familiar with Ps. I love you movie, well she is the writer. The book is 10 times better than the movie.
      I really like her books, you should give it a try one day 🙂


    1. I bought these books in a second hand store so this is how I start reading her books, really want to read more of her books.
      Thank you for reading!


  2. These are all well written quotes! I really like the first one in particular-it repeats one word four times in two sentences, but I love how it was used to express how much us humans hurry about-and tbh, for what? Lol anyways love these! xoxoxo

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