Lisbon: Street Art

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Hello, welcome back to one of Lisbon related posts! In July I went to Lisbon for 4 days with friends, mainly to go to Arctic Monkeys’ concert. I love my city so much – Porto – but I have to say, Lisboa (Lisbon) has beauty in it and I tried to capture it with my camera. Obviously not everything: sorry!

As you read in the tittle, I will be sharing with you some of the street art I passed by while my staying there. Check out my post about the tile panels , it’s SUPER interesting (pun intended). Before starting, I just want to say that if some of the art here is actually “street art” or not, but either way I’ll just leave it here anyways! Let’s begin!

Made with trash by Bordallo II





Walls from Real Estate Development (AM48)
“Tigers are dangerous” from @Vandahlu
Couldn’t find the source of this one.



No, this isn’t even half of the art spread through whole Lisbon but it were the only ones I’ve found. Eventually I’ll make a post about the street art in Porto, which is easier since I live here. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post, even though it’s short.


Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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49 thoughts on “Lisbon: Street Art

    1. That’s cool! Most known places in Porto are relatively near each other, which is a good thing: Avenida dos Aliados, Torre dos Clerigos, Ribeira, Lello BookShop (if you like Harry Potter, even if you don’t it’s beautiful!), etc. You can always DM on twitter if you want more places to visit, I have loads! 🙂

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    1. Where I live street art started appearing recently, guess people are finally valuing other type of art. I’ve never been to Bristol, but I do wish one day!


  1. Love this art. I am actually originally from Lisboa but due to living in England most of my life, I have missed out on seeing so much of it! I will be sure to look for the beautiful art when I visit in October xx

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