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The time a 5th grader was pregnant

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How are you today? Chilling out a bit on the train and decided it was about time for another Story Time.

Disclaimer: This is a story somehow I found funny to talk about. I think, since she was a kid with a big imagination, she just liked to pretend that she was pregnant and mislead us all. Nobody got hurt but it’s still a bad joke.

Let’s make something clear, I’m 21 so when I was in 5th grade everything was different from what it is today. Where I live a 5th grader already knows more about sex than when we were in 9th grade, this is true story. By the time, probably in 2008, I was 11, knew what sex was but hey, I barely knew the facts straight.

In my class I had a group of about 5 girls and everyday we would hang out and play in the recess. One of those days, one of the girls – who was actually one year older that us – decided to tell us that she was pregnant. PREGNANT. By the time we all had out doubts, I mean, how was she pregnant? She was our age, still so young. The thing is, this is actually messed up in some way, she told us that her mother mixed the pills she was taking (don’t remember what for) and instead gave her birth pills. BIRTH PILLS as in a pill that makes you pregnant. Yeah, I know that’s stupid. We all thought of it but somehow ended up believing her.

You’re expecting me to say: story over. She said the truth. Well, the story isn’t over yet and it might get weird. Time was passing and we weren’t actually believing she was pregnant but one day she just decided to bring baby clothes in a gym bag to school. I remember this so clearly almost like I’m reliving it. She called us and we all gathered behind school, a place were almost no one passes by. She started taking the baby clothes out of the bag and showing to us. Well, as 11 years old as we were, we kind of love the idea of holding baby clothes and expect one. WEIRD. She kept telling us that she was really pregnant and that when the baby was born we would be the godmothers of him/her.

I remember thinking that it was not possible for a kid get pregnant with a pill and I thought that something terrible might had happened. But has a child, you just play along with things and move on. The truth, which we all knew already, is no, she wasn’t pregnant. After a couple of weeks, maybe less, we all forget about that. She tried and fake it with the belly but in the end the joke/lie was over. We were all still friends and played with each other. Nobody else ever talked about that and I don’t know if those girls even remember that day.

This is the story told as how I remind it. I think the girl meant no harm, it was a joke that didn’t lead to anything bad. She was the kind of person, that in some was craved for attention and I used to love that girl so much so I know she didn’t want to be mean. She was my friend and I knew her, I knew her life.


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30 thoughts on “The time a 5th grader was pregnant

    1. Times are really different. Kids now a days knows more about sex than they should even know with that age. Things really changed, ahah. Thank you for reading!


  1. Hahaha this is such a funny story 😂 I would have believe it haha if I was that age. I really wish to have that imagination again. It’s just so good. We still have it in ourselves but we have to let it out more. I loved this story. Thank you for sharing 😊😊😊

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