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Autumn bucket list

How you doing?

Finally the best month of the year arrived! Welcome spooky season, I surely missed you. For today’s post, I decided to share my Autumn Bucket List since I’ve never done one before.

For the list, I have compiled numerous of things I usually do in October but also some I’ve never done before such as carve a pumpkin. Don’t judge me! It’s just not a thing where I live but it’s getting better. This is the year I will do it myself.

  • Carve a pumpkin;
  • Buy a new pair of boots;
  • Try every single drink related to fall/Halloween on Costa Caffe;
  • Watch as many Halloween movies as possible;
  • Visit a haunted place;
  • Throwing my own Halloween Party;
  • Make my own hot chocolate;
  • Toast marshmallows;
  • Do some craft;
  • Visit gardens or museums;
  • Take creative pictures with leaves;
  • Stay at home in a raining day, drinking hot chocolate, read a book and watch a movie;
  • Make brownies.

This is all I could remember of. Where I live feels like summer hasn’t left yet and I can’t wait for the cold days and even the rainy ones!


Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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43 thoughts on “Autumn bucket list

  1. Such a great fall bucket list ❤️🍁 I wish you a happy fall. I always carve a pumpkin and I really like it. Good luck with that. I love hot chocolate and drinking tea reading a book or watching a great movie. I also want to take pictures with leaves. They will be beautiful

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  2. Love this idea! You’ve definitely inspired me. I feel like every year I always want to do so many things for Fall but I never actually get around to it. Typing out a list will help me so much! Great post 🙂

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    1. Yeah, me too! Every year I want to do so many things but time is so short because of college. But will try my best! Thank you for reading. 🙂


  3. I love the idea of an Autumn bucket list! I am working on my October goals, but kinda like the idea of making season goals! I def want to do a lot of the things you mentioned!! Like, carve a pumpkin!!🎃

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  4. Great list of fall activities! I’ve never made an Autumn Bucket List, but we usually go apple picking, carve pumpkins, bake pumpkin bread, admire the changing foliage, drink apple cider, etc… Such a great season!

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    1. Those are nice activities, I’ve never went apple picking, it’s not a thing here. But I do want to do it one day. Thank you for reading!


    1. It’s lovely to walk in the fall. Yeah, I do believe it really is. I just wanted to gather some friends and watch movies all night ahah


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