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Sharing my goals for this year

How you doing?

Yes, I’ve been away. Far from blogging and twitter community. Nobody noticed it… So let’s pretend everything is normal. I’ve been studying all day since the beginning of December and it’s slowly killing me. I have papers to deliver tomorrow and three exams to pass on 11th, 15th and 21st of January. If everything goes wrong, I’ll be landing my foot here only in February.

It’s currently 1:20am and I just finished study from 4 hours straight. I miss blogging so much that I decided to come here, before I go to bed, and share my goals for this year. Don’t expect nothing grand because my life isn’t that extraordinary.

I don’t like that New Year, New Me bullshit. New  Year, just improving myself a little bit more.

Goals for 2019:
  • Take my driving licence
  • Read 72 books – I want because Pewdiepie did it.
  • Get good grades – enough with feeling like I’m the most dumb person in class. I need to show my potential.
  • Dress more lady like – Since I’m studying to become a teacher, I feel like my outfits should be more appropriate and not look like a 15 year old.
  • Express myself more – I have a problem of not telling what’s on my mind.
  • Travel more – Long distance or short, just travelling.
  • Love more – me, myself and I.
  • Get out of my comfort zone. 
  • Be a better girlfriend – It’s never enough.
  • Be more organized
  • Blog more
  • Redecorated my room – I already started last year but it’s still not complete. I want to change everything.
  • Work out – because I REALLY NEED TO. Christmas food and exams are not a great fit combination.
  • Keep studying Japanese 

This is all I can remember and I will be adding more things to the list obviously. BTW my birthday is in two days (January the 9th), I am getting old.

Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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3 thoughts on “Sharing my goals for this year

  1. I loved this post so much 💕 I also don’t like the new year, new me. These are really great goals. I wish to read so many books. I hope you will achieve all your goals. Good luck with them 🍀 One of my goals is also travelling more because it’s awesome

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