Superman, Star Wars & more: Tile Panel

How you doing? Every year I usually go to Lisbon at least 3 times, but I've only being at this place twice. The place I'm talking about it called Complexo Art's Business & Hotel Centre and it's near Parque das Nações. As you understand by the name, it's a hotel with a mural filled with… Continue reading Superman, Star Wars & more: Tile Panel

to do list

To-Do List: July 2018

How you doing? June is already over and July didn't got a great start. It's summer but it doesn't stop raining and sometimes it's cold. What's going on with the weather?? As you might notice, if you are a reader of my posts, every month I set a list of goals I wish to accomplish. So… Continue reading To-Do List: July 2018

Let's talk about college

Let’s talk about college: Inspirational frames

Hello, wonderful readers! Welcome back to "Let's talk about college" and for today I bring you a really short post about some frames hanged in my college's library. We have what's called "American Corner" which is basically individual study rooms for Erasmus' students. I used that room a lot because I love being there. Fun… Continue reading Let’s talk about college: Inspirational frames