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Let’s talk about college: existential crisis

September 25th, 2018 How you doing?  When I woke up this morning, little did I know I was going to write this post. It's been a while since my latest post "Let's talk about college" and for today I wanted to share with you a quiz known as The Proust Questionnaire. In November, my colleagues and… Continue reading Let’s talk about college: existential crisis

to do list

To-Do List: August 2018

How you doing? Hello, hello! I can not believe its August already. I just finished college in July and you're telling me next month I'm back? I miss the old school days  when my summer break would last at least 3 months. So let's just jump into what I've accomplish last month.   To-Do List: July… Continue reading To-Do List: August 2018