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October favorites – 2018

How you doing? 31st of October The most expected day of the year.  Sadly we celebrate Halloween in one day, but if you're like me, you'll celebrate the whole month. To start, 1st of October is when I get the most excited, the fallen leaves only start to gain more significance when you're in "October… Continue reading October favorites – 2018


Nails #5 – Fall Vibes

How you doing? Hello, hello! Oh, how lovely is October? I just love the spooky month, the leaves falling upon me when I walk under the trees, horror movies all day, all the way (Saturday and Sunday were spent watching The Haunting of Hill House, which I've spend 6 hours straight yesterday watching) and one… Continue reading Nails #5 – Fall Vibes


List of movies to watch before Halloween

Spooky season, spooky season. Hello, excited with spooky month? I sure am. I wish this month would last forever but it doesn't so I need to enjoy it at its fullest. I want to make as many posts as I can related to Halloween. Bellow I am sharing with you my list of movies… Continue reading List of movies to watch before Halloween