What's in my shopping bag

What’s in my shopping bag? #2

How you doing?

Without joking, I don’t post “What’s in my shopping bag?” since last year. I made only a few of this, as you can see I’m on post number 3, and I would like to make more of it. I actually buy, at least once per week, something for me or for the house. Without further ado, let’s just jump into the bags!



  • Watch

The first items I have to show are my watches that I bought, at the same time, at Parfois. I absolutely love that store when it comes to accessories. If I’m not mistaken I bought these on sales, even though it wasn’t a big difference in the price it’s always nice when something is cheaper.


Each watch has it’s own differences, the one above has lighter and neutral colors and the one bellow is all black with a gold bird inside of it.


Price: 17,99€

  • Ring

There’s a nice story behind this ring: so basically me and my friend, from college, decided to buy a friendship ring. She’s been my friend from the very first minute college started and since then we’ve been together in every class, every hour. I always thought it was so weird how much I liked her from the begging, because we actually didn’t have that much in common. Only, maybe, the fact that we both watched The Simpsons and Family Guy. It’s so weird that we never needed the have the exactly same taste in things to became friends. After 3 years together, we grow to like some of the same stuff.

The shape of the ring is so different from the rings I usually wear and I love the little (fake) diamonds on it.


Price: 4€


  • Scented Candle

Primark has really surprised me when it comes to scented candles. I absolutely love buying there. My favorite scented candle so far is called Madagascan Vanilla (Vanilla & Patchouli) but unfortunately it’s almost finishing. I went to the store to buy more but there weren’t any available so I bought Wild Fig & Red Berries scented one. It was the only one I liked, even though it’s not one of my favorites.


Price: 1€

  • Frame

Another item from Primark and this one is a frame.  It says “Thank goodness I’m fabulous darling” and it has a kind of a perfume shape, with a really beautiful blue tone and a cute pattern. Most of the times, when I purchase frames they are always on sale. Guess I’m lucky.


Price: 0,50€

  • Pillow

The pillow (also from Primark) it absolutely the most adorable thing I have in my room. I’m obsess with it, with the design, the colors, the quote… EVERYTHING IN IT IS BEAUTIFUL. The backside of it it’s just filled with a lot of stars.


Price: 4€


  • Journal

Yet again, I bought another journal. This one is all black with a golden sentence saying “Space is the place” and some stars and constellations drawn on. The border of the pages are in gold and the inside is blank. This was bought at Parfois, while in sales.

I don’t regret buying this but at the same time I have no idea of what I’m going to do with it. If you have any idea, could you leave a comment and help me? Thanks!



Price: 3€

  • Pencil

I bought this at an anime/comic store, which I don’t remember it’s name. I love Pusheen, it’s one of the most cute things I love in the internet. I couldn’t help myself from buying this pencil.

p.s. I will not use it though.


Price: 2,99€


  • Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie has been my favorite youtuber for more than 4 years now and I watch his videos every single day. “This Book Loves You” came out in 2015 and I know I seem crazy to buy something that is already 3 years older, but I’ve always wanted his book. It’s the first time I ever saw this book available on Fnac and since it was on sales, then why not?

I love him, I love this book and I do not regret at all if I bought it 3 years after it has been published. I guess I can make a review or another post talking and showing some of my favorite quotes of this book.
I know there are some pewdiepie’s fans over here, tell me if you have this book!


Price: 9€


We reached the end of the post. Do you enjoy this kind of articles? And also, leave a comment of which item is your favorite!


Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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  1. Love this post so much 😍😍😍 The pencil is so cute, love Pusheen. I love the ring too and omg the pillow is just the best. I want it too haha I’m so deeply in love with it. Universe 🌠😍

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