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To-Do List: July 2018

How you doing?


June is already over and July didn’t got a great start. It’s summer but it doesn’t stop raining and sometimes it’s cold. What’s going on with the weather??

As you might notice, if you are a reader of my posts, every month I set a list of goals I wish to accomplish. So far, so good. I’ve been doing great crossing all the things from the list and I feel proud of myself. This is actually a good way of getting things done!

This is a short post, as usual, and I’ll leave bellow my last month goals and what’s crossed are the things I’ve accomplished. I hope you enjoy reading it and hopefully I give you motivation to do one yourself! Without further ado, let’s show it!

To-Do List: June 2018

  • Finish reading Looking For Alaska by John GreenI’ve read two books this month. I felt so productive! The other one was Hamlet by Shakespeare. 
  • Start reading a new book
  • Buy a gift for my cousinBought him two video games. He loved it!
  • Write at least 5 posts – Wrote 4.
  • Study hardI did, a lot!!!
  • Go well in all my examsBetter than expected since professors were trying to mess with us.
  • Read postsI actually manage to read posts.
  • Write as many posts as I can (will be hard since I have my exams)I feel dumb because this is almost the same thing as before. 
  • Start working out – Still a joke, ahah. But, hey! I’ve been walking more so it’s kind of workout. 
  • Stay active in all my social mediaI tried my best. 


For July, I want to be as productive as possible so here is my new list for this month:

To-Do List: July 2018

  • Do my nails for the festival: Arctic Monkeys inspired
  • Attend a festival in Lisbon: Arctic Monkeys
  • Make a post about 4 days in Lisbon
  • Read a book
  • Write an OOTD post
  • Write an What’s in my bag? post
  • Catch up with old friends
  • Starting working out
  • Go out with my college friends
  • Visit at least one museum
  • Do some DIY


What goals do you have for this month? Leave a comment and leave a like if you liked this post.

Thank you for reading and…

See you in the next post!

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48 thoughts on “To-Do List: July 2018

  1. I’m so jealous you’re going to Lisbon! Have a fab time, and I’ll keep my eyes out for your post! Hoping to go there next year as a birthday break for my other half !

    I’d like to get back into reading again, it’s been years since I’ve actually picked up a book and not thought ‘ugh, I’ll wait for the film’
    I also hope to make some more progress in my wedding plans too! And that includes sorting out my diet and exercise plan!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I go to Lisbon at least 3 times per year. I’m from Porto (Oporto) so it’s “close”.
      Hope you go and visit Porto once if you haven’t! Pretty beautiful as well :).
      I’ve been reading a book per month and I can’t stop! Now I can’t wait for the movies because some are really disappointing.
      Good luck with your wedding plans and exercise, ahah! 🙂


  2. I love this post idea! How fun and a great way to keep yourself accountable! As for working out, I think walking counts so you should just cross that one off. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how doing your nails and attending a festival are part of your to-do list, I cannot help but smile. That’s perhaps exactly what monthly accomplishments should be about – the fun stuff! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If To-Do Lists are mainly boring I won’t get that excited to complete it. So I add fun stuff to it to encourage me doing the rest. A bit silly, I guess. 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading!


  4. Ugh. I accidentally logged into an account I don’t really use. Anyway, have a great time! (Zavana815)


  5. I would be interested to read ur Lisbon festival blog. Sounds interesting. Have an awesome summer and hope u achieve all ur goals.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am so guilty…. I am never a goal setter as I will never be able to accomplish them. Wish I could be like you so discipline!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you will, you just need to find a method for you. I never achieved anything I wrote on paper so I decided to blog about it. That’s why I’m crossing things out of the list. 🙂


  7. I love these to-do lists so much of you! ❤️ I also love to make lists. You achieved a lot of things. I’m proud of you 💪🍀 Have fun at that festival! Sounds awesome 😍 I wanna travel a lot during this Summer and swim in the ocean.

    Liked by 1 person

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